How to Come Up With Great Blog Post Ideas, Every Single Time

The content marketing industry is a business of ideas. We require blog post ideas, newsletter or ebook ideas, course or whitepaper ideas, and more.

And we're going to require a lot of them!

great blog post ideas

The general focus of our content will, in most situations, be determined by the business purpose. Business blogs should cover themes that complement the product line. Incrementors can help you with achieving advanced level ideas to grow your business.

Content writers use a successful blog to take a static subject area and write about it in (hopefully!) innovative and interesting ways to help the business. It's equivalent to spinning a gemstone and showing how different facets reflect light.

Come up with clever topic suggestions

Grow a lot of seedlings...

You're setting yourself up for frustration and lost time when you sit down to write without a clear idea of what you'll be writing about.

You're better off taking a short walk and having a pencil and index card with you. Write down any article ideas that occur to the mind while walking.

If you're having trouble coming up with new ideas, try boosting this behaviour. Make a promise to write down nearly five content ideas every day, even if they're stupid or uninteresting. More content ideas will arise as you catch more.

You can take help from the best ai copywriting tools to come up with great blog post ideas with the help of AI.

Your audience can provide you with ideas

If your blog has a comment section where readers can leave comments, you will almost surely receive feedback.

While the bulk of responses will be positive (or negative) statements, you may receive inquiries from time to time.

Some of these questions may be straightforward to answer in a reply, while others will be off-topic or require more explanation.

Such questions offer excellent starting points for a future post. You may keep a list of relevant questions that you come across so that you have something to refer to when you're stumped.

Refer back to your keyword research

Everyone who has a good SEO plan has done their homework on keywords by doing a lot of research. 

As a result, you'll need a whole lot of, mentioning hundreds of terms and phrases that you wish to rank for. A keyword is not the only thing but for start, it is better.

Choose a long-tail term from your list. What exactly do people get when they search for the keywords? Look it up on the internet. Let's see what comes up. That will be the contest.

Is it up to par? Are you capable of going above and beyond? Perhaps the findings motivate you to write something similar, something that corresponds to the current findings.

Extend the reach of current blog postings

Look through your stats to see what your most popular blog entries have been in the past. This is where you'll find your blockbusters.

As we mentioned about Incrementors they are the best local SEO company, so you can contact them for queries.

They continue to attract fresh visitors weeks, months, and years after they were first published.

Updating content is a wonderful SEO strategy for catching some low-hanging fruit and increasing the number of people who read your article.

Determine which themes are currently popular

There are many techniques for learning what people actually look for linked to specific topics of interest, as well as ways to find out what's trending online.

Staying ahead of the curve by incorporating these trends into article ideas is a great way to enhance your traffic.

Tell them about your experience

The finest content idea is sometimes the one that recounts the tale of all the previous postings. You've undoubtedly been blogging for a while, regardless of what you're blogging about.

In that time, what have you learned?

What has changed since the beginning?

What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice at the start of your career?

These blogs aren't just an egotistical exercise; they can also be quite valuable to others in your field. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the next generation can go even faster if they learn from their failures.

Make a comprehensive guide

Which is the most effective type of blog that people love to read? The sort that makes people want to read another Twelve books.

Internal linking (connecting your previous posts together) is a smart approach to make use of this.

Take a seat and go over your prior posts. Group comparable posts together and see if you can arrange them in a way that makes sense as a mini-guide, increasing the value of reading them in order.

This enables you to use ideas that you've already written about.

Conduct a competitor study to identify any content gaps

It's possible that what works for your colleagues and competitors will also work for you. Find out what keywords your competitors rank for and look at their best-performing articles by doing some research.

The idea is to find opportunities where you can develop new content with a low enough keyword difficulty to get a piece of the pie.


If thinking up with ideas is the one thing keeping you from implementing a content marketing plan, we hope this post will help you overcome it. Steal any — or all — of these, and you'll quickly find yourself with more ideas than you can handle.

Even if you already write on a regular basis, we hope this inspires you to think about content source and creation in new ways to keep your blog fresh, entertaining, and successful.

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