What Kind of Websites Does Google Like to Rank in 2022?

In your quest to rank at the top of Google, you'll come across many competitors and processes.

Organic SEO is a competitive field. There are many factors that Google relies on to determine your ranking, and there are lots of requirements for your site.

Google prefers sites that are built with best practices (using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but they’ll accept pages that aren’t if you have enough authority (authority is a measure of your site’s strength).

You can make sure that your site is well-built by following all of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. It’s important to keep in mind that Google is constantly updating their algorithm, so the best way to get better rankings is to continually review your site’s metrics and performance.

Google will rank websites with better content and relevant information higher than a website that has less quality content and less relevance.

In this post, I will share 7 best practices you should follow in order to rank your website in Google and other search engines in 2022.

1. Easy to Index

If your website is built on technologies like ReactJS or Native JS, Google crawlers are going to have a hard time discovering and understanding your website. 

Use common platforms like HTML, PHP, WordPress or ASP to develop your website. 

If JS platforms like React or Native are used, ensure that additional steps are taken to prerender the pages for Google.

Use the Google webmaster console to see whether Google crawlers can render your pages. 

Ensure that your pages are connected well and only a few clicks away from one another. 

Google Crawlers cannot find orphan pages that are not connected with the other pages. 

Lastly, have a simple URL structure. If your URLs are too long, or too deep or use a lot of special characters Google cannot read your website easily.

2. Fast Loading Websites

Page Speed is an important ranking factor in Google. Host your website on a fast, reliable and secured server.

Use CDN like Cloudflare to boost up your website performance. 

Use free tools like Google page speed insights to see how you can optimize the performance of your site on mobile as well as Desktop. 

3. Quality Backlinks

Google likes to rank websites that have a good number of backlinks from other High DA websites. 

It's important to keep acquiring high-quality backlinks regularly to perform well in Google. 

Keep Monitoring your backlinks regularly using tools like Ahrefs to identify low DA sites or spammy websites. 

Disavow low-quality links using the Google webmaster console.

4. Content is Still a King

Google crawlers like to index websites with a lot of meaningful textual content. 

According to one research Top ranking pages on average have around 1200 words of content.

Your content should be easy to read and scan with small paragraphs, lots of subheadings, bullet points etc

You could Use tools like Siteliner or Copyscape to identify duplicate content on your website.

5. Content Freshness

It's found that websites that are constantly updated with new content, perform better in Google Search. 

Keep adding more content on your website in the form of blogs or Industry updates. You can take the help of ai copywriting tools to create content fast.

Keep updating outdated or old content every 3 to 6 months, especially on your important pages. 

6. Fewer Errors

Google likes websites that have fewer issues such as broken links, broken images, 404 pages, duplicate pages etc.

Use tools like screaming frog and Google Webmaster console to keep an eye on such issues and it's important to fix such technical issues regularly.

7. Keywords

Optimize your website with keywords that you want to rank for.

Optimize your title tags, metadata, Heading tags with relevant primary keywords and their variations.  

You could use tools like Google Keyword planner to do your keyword research and identify high potential keywords.

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