10 Questions You Should Ask Your New SEO Client in 2022

Do you freelance SEO services or run an SEO marketing agency that offers SEO services to clients?

If yes then it’s extremely suggested that you have a list of SEO questionnaires to evaluate the clients you wish to work with.

You may think: but why is this important?

A few questions can prevent a lot of trouble in the future for both, you and your new SEO client.

Top 10 SEO Questions to Ask Your SEO Clients in 2022

1. What is ‘SEO success’ for them?

A clearly defined goal will help you put all your efforts in the right place in order to achieve SEO success.

Ask the client very clearly, what is the primary success metric for them?

Is it conversion?

Is it to rank for any specific keyword?

Or is it to get more volume of traffic?

Set the goals in the first week of engagement itself and work towards that to achieve the results your customers want.

2. Who is your target audience? 

Please specify age, gender, interest, education level, etc.

This information will explain the key target group your client desires to target.

This will help you understand how competitive or undiscovered the market is and the competition level the project involves.

Knowing the customer persona of your SEO client is an important step for all SEO activities you are going to perform, so make sure you have a clear answer about the client's TG.

3. Who are your main competitors?

This information helps you understand the SEO strategies the competition is following.

Once you understand the goal and target market, you can easily find the organic competitors of your client using search.

You can also use SEO tools such as Semrush and Serpstat, to get more details about the competition. 

It's always good to keep the client's competitors details to design the SEO strategy.

4. Ask for the top-selling product or service of your client.

The SEO Team can work on these product /service pages first and keep a very close eye on the performance of these pages.

As they directly impact the business and you as an expert can claim this success.

5. Is the client taking SEO services for the first time or are they changing their agency now?

If the client is changing the SEO agency then ask them why they selected you over the previous agency and other competitors.

Is there any specific reason why they took a hard call of leaving their present vendor?

This will help you understand the challenges faced by a client with the existing SEO partner and how you can help them overcome that challenge.

6. Do you have a team for digital marketing, content creation?

This information will help you understand the marketing effort your client is putting on the digital front and what kind of content support you will get from your Client and so on.

It all depends on the size of the company. If they have dedicated marketing resources, then you can use them for the SEO campaign.

7. Ask the client about the timeline in which they are expecting the results.

Ask the client about the result expectation and timeframe to achieve the results. 

If you feel that achieving results in the given time frame is difficult, then discuss this with the client and set the right timeline. 

This will avoid future regret. SEO result timeline can be a big debate but you can come to a tentative timeline after analysing the project.

8. Who will be the primary contact point and who will be the contact point for escalation of issues?

Keep this for challenging times.

Discuss with the client and have at least 2 contact points. Preferably one senior person, whom you can escalate the issue to when it arises.

9. What would be the preferred mode of communication?

This is to communicate with a client regularly. Also, ask for an alternate mode, in case you are not able to reach them with the first mode of communication.

10. Do you have an in-house developer, If yes What level of support we can expect?

Sometimes you need web developer support to fix technical SEO issues on your client's website.

If you have full control over the website and you can make the changes on your own, then there’s no problem.

But if they do have an in-house web developer who is managing the website and you will need to communicate with him to implement the technical changes, then it is important to have their credentials with you.

Meet the developer and know the frequency with which the changes that you’ve proposed will be implemented on the client's website. This may affect your project timeline, so make sure you have the web developer details.

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The main objective of this post is to get as much information as possible from the client that can help you in the SEO campaign.

Do your own research about competition and the goal client wants to achieve before committing to anything.

I hope you like these 10 tips, Do share them with your SEO network.

Comment below if you have questions.

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