How TikTok, Reddit, Twitter & Snapchat can Increase Your Brand Reach in 2021

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3 Ways to Get More Customers in 2021

I looked at over 25 marketing articles to see what methods could help you get more customers in 2021 and here I found something valuable for you,

1. TikTok now has Facebook's equivalent of "Boost post"

Spark Ads are a type of ad on TikTok. They will make content already popular on TikTok even more popular. This is an ad that will show other people's videos. There are more of them on TikTok.

Here's how they look like:

and here's how to turn any post into an ad:

The opportunity:

I've been seeing a lot of people on TikTok promote software using cool little videos.

Let's say you find a competitor who is using TikTok to advertise their product.

You can use that idea and make a cool video of your own for your own product. Then, you could buy boosts so it reaches lots of people.

Good artists copy, great artists borrow.

2. If you post to Reddit, your posts may get more visibility.

Reddit has launched a new type of sorting for their home page, called "Better than best".

Check the complete Reddit thread here 

Reddit now uses AI to predict what posts people might like and show them those posts.

This will make it easier for people to see other posts from subreddits they don't go to often. They used to use the total number of upvotes and comments, but this new way is better.

From recommending subreddits to recommending posts: 

Reddit will also show you "recommended posts" instead of "recommended subreddits", based on criteria like what you engaged with, what you like, etc.


The opportunity:

Reddit is a place where people can upload posts.

If you post on Reddit, your posts will show up more often in places that people visit. This might make it easier for you to get more followers who are interested in what you post.

3. Twitter and Snapchat are bigger than you think

How large exactly? Both companies just released their quarterly reports:

  • Twitter: Made $1.19B in revenue last quarter, mostly from ads. They now have 206 million daily active monetizable users.
  • Snapchat: Made $982M in revenue last quarter. They now have 293M daily active users.

When we want to advertise somewhere, we usually start from the "big 2 brands" (Google and Facebook).

For some reason, we don't look at other platforms that are smaller than the ones we use. We think they don't have many users or people advertising on them when in reality these small platforms are cheaper and just as good as the bigger ones with more users.

The opportunity:

Let's take Twitter, for example.

Even if 0.01% of Twitter users were in your target market, that's still 10,600 people. If 1% of them liked your product and bought it (not an unrealistic estimation), that's 106 sales.

Not bad for a bootstrapped business.

I hope you will consider these channels and increase your business acquisition.

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