How to Create a Review Blog in 7 Easy Steps in 2022 at Big Review

Do you want to start a review blog in 2022?

Whether you want to promote affiliate products or review a business product, design a review portfolio, or are looking for the perfect review website, you may be wondering how to create a blog.

Fortunately, starting a review blog isn't that complicated.

In this guide, I will take you through six easy steps to start your own review blog in 2022.

how to start a product review affiliate blog in 2021

How to Start a Product Review Blog With WordPress

Here's how to create a product review WordPress blog in just seven steps using the WP content management system. Step by step guide for you.

1. Choose a niche

What will be the focus of your review blog?

It’s tempting to tackle multiple topics at once; however, it’s probably easier, to begin with, one area you have the most expertise or interest in.

You don't want to overwhelm yourself straight out of the gate.

Pro tip: Choose a single topic and start creating content around that.

2. Choose a domain name

Based on the topic you choose, pick a domain that tells readers what your blog is all about.

You can either create a free domain name that includes in it for example or 

Or you can register a custom domain name that doesn't mention or in it for example MyReviews.Com, or

There are various extensions you can find for your blog domain. I chose .xyz for my domain name as I think .xyz is the new .com.

I recommend you to register a custom domain name for your review blog as it has several benefits of having your own domain for your review blog.

3. Claim your domain name

Based on the domain name you choose, pick a domain registrar so that you can own that domain name if it's available to register.

You can register your domain from websites like Namecheap, Epik, Hostinger etc.

I recommend below the domain registrar for your domain name booking at affordable prices.

7 Domain Name Booking Websites to Claim Your Domain in 2022

Just click on the below websites and search for your domain name. Book it right away if it's available as it might not be available next time when you search.

Once you have your domain name the next thing you need is web hosting to host your review blog.

4. Choose a web hosting

Congratulations on your new domain name. So now have your domain name that is the digital address where your readers can find your review blog. Now you have to build a shelter for your digital address.

Now pick a reliable web hosting company so that you can host your domain name and website content there.

Web hosting is a shelter for your domain name. Hence it is a must buy.

3 Best Web Hosting Companies That I Recommend in 2022

    1. - Best for the WordPress blogs
    2. - Most Affordable
    3. NameCheap - Best for the beginners

    Let me know which one you are choosing in the comment section below.

    Once you have your best web hosting, the next step is to install the WordPress platform.

    5. Install WordPress

    One of the best things about WordPress is that it's super easy to get started with, including the process of installing WordPress and setting up your website.

    All Three Bluehost, Hostinger and NameCheap allow you to install WordPress with a single click.

    I have listed down the helpful guides here. Click the guide of your web hosting provider which you chose in the earlier step.

    How To Install WordPress with Bluehost? - Check this guide.

    How to install WordPress using Hostinger Auto Installer? - Check this guide.

    How to install WordPress automatically with Namecheap? - Check this guide.

    Pro tip: Choose one partner for your domain name and web hosting as it makes your life easy for website hosting and domain management.

    I have made processes easy for starting a review blog in 2022.

    6. Customize your review blog

    So now you have your own domain name, web hosting and WordPress installed in your hosting account.

    The next step is login into your WP dashboard and starts customizing your review blog website.

    To Log In - You have visit login URL which looks something like this

    If you are not able to find this in your hosting account you can simply type in your browser to get started.

    There are 100's of free themes available on theme that matches the desired feel of your review blog.

    wordpress themes for your affiliate review blog

    The WordPress customizer helps you to choose fonts, specify a colour scheme, create a custom menu, and upload a custom header image to your blog.

    Don't worry if you aren’t settled on the appearance of your blog right away — you can always make your blog beautiful later.

    Steps to follow for WP blog customization.

    • Choosing a theme of your choice.
    • Installing theme and customizing as per your need.
    • Installing essential plugins
    • Basic blog set up - Create important pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy etc.
    • Publish content.

    7. Create & publish some unique content

    To create your first blog post, head over to the Posts and click on Add new. You will be on the post editor page, where you can start writing and formatting your blog post.

    write your blog post

    After you hit the Publish button your post will be live and can be seen on your home page. Congratulations on your first post.

    Final Words: It's Easier Than You Think to Start a Review Blog in 2022

    This is how you can start a review blog in just an hour or so.

    Once you learn how to publish a blog post and get into a publishing pattern for your affiliate products, you will be able to perfect your content until you're drawing in eager readers every day.

    I hope this guide was helpful to you.

    You can ask your questions in the comment section below. Do share your review blog URL with me so that I can give my feedback/suggestions.

    Thanks for reading.

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