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Does marketing actually sell stuff?

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Sometimes the first step in improving your copy is simply getting your team on board with the idea that copy is worth improving.

It’s realizing that the one challenge that keeps coming up - over and over, day after day, week after week - is that your business is just not getting enough leads in the door.

And the ones you’re getting aren’t showing up for your demos or converting from free trials or buying your products or joining your programs.

What are all those visitors and leads missing?
What do they even need from you?

The answer: they need a cure to their problem.

It’s really no bigger than that.

Have problem. Need cure.

They have no other reason to visit your website or join your list… do they?

If they need a cure to their problem and they’re on your site, chances are good:

they need your product.

Great news.

The only problem is, when they visit your site and when they open your emails, they have zero ideas how your product will cure their problems.

Not because you don’t WANT to tell them.

But because:

Your team edits all the good stuff out of your copy, and you don’t know how to stop them because every word you write is based on little more than sparks of ideas you dreamed up and vague direction from the product lead, and…

You feel like you’re guessing as much as your team worries you’re guessing, googling your way through your job and getting lost in all the execution-level stuff, without any real WHY behind the things you do.

In the end, everyone ends up doing copywriting.

But you’re technically responsible for it.

And here’s the thing:

If you’re gonna be responsible for how your copy does or does not perform, that copy should be YOURS, shouldn’t it?

Not some Frankenstein blob you somehow mushed together out of dozens of opinions and a few best practices.

And to be fair --

does your team even want to be as involved as they are in your copywriting process? They’ve got their own jobs to do.

You don’t want them in there.

They don’t wanna be in there.

So why is everyone in there?

Because -- I'll be a little frank here -- you haven’t yet taken ownership of the copy you write. Which is exactly what a) you want to do and ii) your team wants you to do.

Own the copy, make it great, keep making it better. When it doesn’t work, figure out why and fix it. When it does work, do a little celebrating and then beat your new control.

They want you to be great at it.

And you want to be great at it.

Which is hard to do on your own… and very, very easy to do with


what’s getting in the way of you opting for a free trial to join the community of 10,000+ copywriters and marketers in Jarvis AI or

Most likely:

Budget approval.

This is why I made this guide for you.

It’s for you to send to your boss.

So they can see why is the best possible investment in you, your career and their results.


Whether you get your boss to find a budget or you make the investment in yourself.

Head over here to see everything you’ll lock in when you join Jarvis and get 10,000 words of free credit. Check Jasper AI Review & Scalenut Review here.

And learn how to stand confidently behind your copy.

So your team stands confidently behind you.

PS: It does not just copy that confuses teams. It's all of the marketing that confuses 'em.

Your team wants you to "do marketing."

Not just copywriting. But also messaging strategy, customer research, persona development, ad planning - all of it.

That's why digital marketers, CMOs and directors of marketing/sales at fast-growing online companies use for more than copywriting. You also learn marketing strategy and better practices in persuasion, funnel planning and more.

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